What do you need help with right now

to stand out to your customers?


You want to spend your time making the things you love and that make your customers happy,

but you know that taking the extra time to create beautiful photos is a key part of getting customers in the door.


As a maker and owner of a handmade business, you spend a lot of your time perfecting your products and your craft. You want them to look their best to everyone that sees your shop, but it's a struggle to create beautiful photographs that stand out from the crowd. You know you've gotta learn how to take product photos, do the styling, and find props to make your photos better. Not to mention learning how to even use your camera on manual mode. It's overwhelming and scary!

Besides just learning how to use your camera, it's putting it all together to actually create the look you want that's the trouble. You don't know where to start and even how to do it right. All you know is that you wish your photos looked as nice as some of those other shops out there. It would be so nice to get your products featured on Etsy or to have people on Instagram running to your shop because they loved your photos so much! If only you knew how to use your camera, how to style a lovely photo, or even just how to find the time to do all of this!

Making time to improve your photography can be the difference in getting your business noticed or not.

It may seem scary at first to learn how to use all of this gear and do all of this yourself, but it's really not! It can be fun, simple, and a really creative way to improve your business! And guess what? Most of the time you can seriously improve your images just by learning how to plan, style, and compose your images in a more polished way. That's right! You can focus more on the creative side of photography rather than all that tech stuff and still have gorgeous photos. Nothing scary about that! It's actually really more about playing around with your products and finding ways to tell a story with them. And that's the biggest thing about great photography...

Your photos need to tell your customers what you're all about and give them a story to emotionally connect with.

After all, your story is your bread and butter as a handmade business.

People come to you as a handmade business because they want something that's unique and has a story behind it. It's personal and special, not something from a big box store. So when they come to your site, you've gotta show them who you are, why you make the things you do, and give them something that feels just for them right from the start. You've only got a few seconds to truly grab someone's attention, so make those seconds count!

Your customers need to see your products, but they also need to see YOU and YOUR STORY to really feel like your shop is right for them.

From the very beginning, you need to show your customers that you can relate to them and that you're the same as they are. Give them a clear picture of why you do what you do and how you can help them. The best way to give them that is to figure out what your unique story and purpose are that need to be shared, and show that to your audience in a way that immediately creates a connection to your brand.

Don't just tell people about your business. Help them to actually visualize why you're unique and how your brand fits their needs best.

With a little visual know-how and the right systems to make everything come together, you can put together a brand that's consistent, emotionally connects with your ideal customers, and builds confidence in you as the go-to person for what you make. It's all about presenting your business as an extension of you and not being afraid to give people an actual look at your story to emphasize your passion for what you do.

Make people remember you by carefully curating all the images that represent your brand.

I want you to feel empowered enough when it comes to all the visual stuff that you're no longer worried about how you stack up to all those other shops out there. That you know your brand looks amazing and connects to your ideal customer in a way that makes them keep coming back to you. That makes you feel excited to keep creating beautiful, artisanal products because you know you people love it.

So let's help you make your handmade business look truly beautiful,

show your customers you've got a great story,

and position your shop as the go-to place for them.


We'll make it comfortable, creative, and always inspiring as we do it all together! If you're ready to get started, then grab this free worksheet pack to start building your know, like, and trust factor now:

"Photography is the story I fail to put into words."
-Destin Sparks

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