weekend in seoul

Seoul hasn't really been one of those cities that's been on my bucket list. I never had any real desire to go to South Korea until my husband had been pushing it as one of his must-see destinations while we're still here in Asia. Well, now that we've taken a long weekend trip up there to check it out, I can say that it definitely should have been on my list. It's a great city that isn't overly aggressive for your senses, but it still has the busy spark of an Asian city alongside incredible tradition.

There's absolutely nothing lacking here, and that's coming from someone who would rather have gone to Hong Kong. I'm so glad we opted for a weekend in Seoul this time. The people were so amazingly friendly, there was plenty for each person in our family to enjoy, and we felt right at home from the beginning. I actually wished that we could stay much longer since we only scratched the surface of this city and were really longing for more. I mean, I could have made an entire day alone from just taking my two year old to beautiful parks or walking along in the Myeong Dong district taking photos of the shop signs and eating handmade noodles.

This was an unexpected trip that became an unexpected love for our family. We couldn't have been happier to discover just how inviting Seoul is and to plan how we could get back and enjoy more of it soon.