the number one way to love where you live

A street in Camden, London

Where we live affects our lives in many ways. From the weather to the job availability, it all plays a serious role in our overall happiness and quality of life. So why do we resign ourselves to living in places that make us feel bored, uninspired, or even miserable? It's usually because something is keeping us in that place that we can't let go of quite yet. That may be a job or even close family. Whatever it is that's keeping you in one place, you can still find incredible value in where you are and even make it a place that you can love. 

Figuring out how to love where you're at is a bit like surprisingly discovering someone who really gets you.

See, places have personalities just like people. They have their quirks as well as their strong points, and each has a character all its own. It's about finding what you have in common with that city or town and making a genuine effort to embrace it for all it's worth. That's when you start building your own sense of belonging in that place. Now, it could take some searching and a bit of effort to find an intersection between what interests you and what your city or town has to offer, but let me tell you...It's worth it.

The best way you can create happiness where you live is to make a meaningful connection with that place in a way that aligns with your personal values.

There will always be something bigger than everyday, ho-hum living that drives you. Once you can relate this aspect of your life to the place you surround yourself in, that's when you can actually start enjoying it with new eyes. If you are a people person, then find a group that you can share a regional  activity with regularly. If you love giving back, choose a worthy cause that's local to your area. If you are obsessed with technology, then maybe you should make it your new pursuit to find every local wi-fi hotspot around and share them with other locals. The point is to embrace what your little corner of the world does have going for it in your eyes and build a strong foundation around that.

On the street around Camden Market in London

It's like location-based relationship therapy. Doing this for even a short amount of time will amaze you. You'll see how much more in touch you are with where you live and how it affects you. It'll almost wake you up to the new possibilities of where you live and appreciate it on a whole new level. Gradually, you'll love the place for what it is to you personally. However, if you still think you'll have a hard time putting this into practice, just remember one thing:

You can connect with a place in many ways. It's developing a connection around something you believe in that turns a city into a home where you belong.

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