after typhoon neoguri

car toppled over.jpg

Last week we were hit pretty hard by Typhoon Neoguri. It actually lessened in intensity than we originally expected, but it still packed a good punch for us. The winds exceeded 100 mph, and we got about 35 inches of rain in about two days time. The windows vibrated, the wind howled around the house, and we huddled inside until the storm passed. 

okinawa neighborhood.jpg

Thankfully, our home as well as our little neighborhood fared very well in the storm. The buildings are made like bunkers and weather many of these storms every year. Some places, however, had substantial amounts of flooding, power outages, and toppled over cars and other outdoor equipment. Even with that amount of damage, the island held up, and the locals continue daily life as if the storm barely phased them. 

torn up equipment.jpg

We've got another three to four months of typhoon season ahead of us...Fingers crossed that the rest of it will be quiet and uneventful. If the weather has other plans, Okinawa will be ready for it again.

outside after typhoon.jpg