tortilla soup two ways


Recently, I did a guest post for a sustainable food blog, Crowded Earth Kitchen. They have some great recipes for those of us conscious about preserving the planet through the way we eat. The recipe I shared with their readers was a tortilla soup made two ways: one vegan and one with chicken. It's a recipe that I perfected while in Little Rock after we moved away from Texas years ago. I was craving a soup I had gotten regularly at a local cafe on the border and needed a homemade version to act as a replacement.


After some pondering on the ingredients of that tortilla soup I had loved for lunch many days, I came up with this recipe that I almost always make in the slow cooker. It's quick, easy, and versatile. If you've got some meat lovers over for dinner, then go ahead and throw in some extra chicken. Otherwise, try it sans chicken for a meatless meal that's filled with hearty beans and veg and won't make you sorry you left out a little poultry. The flavors are Texas-sized, and the fix in's add just the right compliments to the filling soup. 

For the complete recipe, please visit Crowded Earth Kitchen.

 chicken tortilla soup. the wandering abode.

chicken tortilla soup. the wandering abode.

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