Dark Chocolate Molten Caramel Cookies

dark chocolate molten caramel cookies

We're really in the holidays now! Everyone is getting so busy, and we all need a little help with getting everything accomplished. That's why I've teamed up with some great coaches this season and joined the Holiday Blog Tour. We've got a bunch of great posts throughout December on how to get through the holidays with advice, support, and even recipes! Of course, I've chosen to share a recipe.

You can head on over to Bountiful Pursuits to check out this indulgent recipe for dark chocolate molten caramel cookies. It's the classic combination of chocolate and caramel that's all you need to kick up your feet and relax this December. So head on over to my blog tour post and grab yourself the recipe for these warm, gooey molten cookies...Not that you could even resist!

gooey molten caramel chocolate cookies
stack of molten caramel dark chocolate chip cookies
dark chocolate chip molten caramel cookies