uken beach

rock cliff at uken beach

We've gotten a few weekends lately that have had some perfect beach weather. While the water is still cold, it's nice and breezy out with the right amount of sunshine for an afternoon on the sand. There are so many beaches on Okinawa to choose from that you first need to decide the type of beach you're looking for before venturing out. There's the typical sandy variety, the sea shell collecting beach, the rock viewing beach, or the scuba diving and fishing points.

Uken Beach on the eastern coast of the island has a small sand area along a nice walking path. It's just the right size for a handful of beach-goers on a lovely day. Those uninterested in sunbathing can fish at one of the outlets, check out the tide crashing into the cliffs at the end of the beach, or even play an airsoft game at the makeshift course near the parking lot.

on the shore at uken beach

I've found these little out of the way beaches to be the best for a spur of the moment outing. There's no complication in driving a long way or having to plan a big day out. It's nice to just be out among the locals as everyone soaks up a little sun and enjoys island life.

rock cliffs at uken beach