changing weather

feeling the grass in the garden

It's definitely Spring here in Okinawa. The weather has become a bit unruly with days of rain clouds mixed in with the bright sunny 70 degree weather. With it going back and forth like this, it makes it hard to plan any outings, but we still really try to get outside everyday with the little guy. I think it makes us all a little happier to breathe the fresh air and get some vitamin D, even if it is through the clouds.

Our yard here is pretty tiny...even smaller than the one we had in the UK. It just barely fits a picnic blanket for us to hang out in the grass and play. I have to say, though, that having a small space is really nice when it comes to maintenance. We don't even have a lawnmower anymore! Just a small amount of weeding keeps our little patch of grass and our bamboo shoots out front looking well kempt.

our garden

As for our time outside these days, we try to keep it interesting. Sometimes it's on the picnic blanket in the garden, and other times it's a stroll around the neighborhood to see the ever changing flowers and the kids riding their bikes through the streets. We know the breezy days are numbered, and the humid ones will be coming shortly. It's time to make the most of the nice ones before May brings the real rainy season to Okinawa.