fukushen gardens

gazebo in fukushen gardens

A lovely day out for our family usually includes a walk and some type of garden. Whether we're on vacation or just hanging out around the local area, we tend to gravitate toward lush, green gardens for picnics or a leisurely stroll. This was one we happened upon first when I was pregnant and wanted some interesting photos of the bump in a local setting. It's the Fukushen Gardens in downtown Naha, but really it's tucked away neatly in a little neighborhood in town.

lush greens in fukushen gardens

The scenery is beautiful, and, even though the place is fairly small, you could spend a nice amount of time here just perusing each little detail of the neatly kept gardens. There are gazebos, water features, stone stairways, and even a bridge to cross over the pond. All you need is a bit of time to enjoy the garden and find a bit of zen.

rock sculpture in front of a gazebo at fukushen gardens. naha, okinawa.

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