good fortune temple

wall of prayers

We've been here in Okinawa for a year now, and it's been an incredibly busy year. Obviously, we made the huge move across the world from the UK to Japan. The biggest news, though, is that my husband and I welcomed our new baby boy into our family this year. I can't help but think our trip to this Buddhist temple here on Okinawa last New Year's Day may have had something to do with bringing us that good fortune. temple line

The temple is said to be very lucky for those wanting a child, and it has several shrines around the actual temple that display statues of children. Visitors wash their hands in the shrine fountains as they pray, and then they make their way to the temple at the top of the mountain for a quick prayer and a donation.

wall of prayers

During the New Year's festival, there were booths that lined the sidewalks surrounding the  temple. Once finished praying, everyone heads over to get their new year's fortunes at one of the booths. If you like your fortune, you tie it to the tree or fence outside the temple. It just so happened that my fortune mentioned a new addition! So, of course, that one went on the tree and happily came back to us later in the year as our little boy was born.

temple food booth

tieing my fortune