an afternoon in golden, colorado

During my trip to Colorado, I spent one afternoon in the Denver suburb of Golden. It was an adorable historic town with a great Main Street. There were tons of shops that you could duck in and out of and a bunch of restaurants for a relaxing lunch. We ended up eating at D'Deli on Washington Avenue, as it had sidewalk seating and had been highly recommended. It was like a local Jimmy Johns sandwich shop with great homemade lemonade.

Next, we headed down to the Washington Avenue bridge that crosses Clear Creek. Looking straight down the creek from the bridge, the Coors Brewery stood at the edge of town. Between the bridge and the brewery, new apartments buildings lined the water. It was a charming way to blend the different areas of the town into one cohesive vision. I'd say the view from the bridge coupled with the well planned Washington Avenue street-scape were the highlights of the town.