A handmade business is a labor of love.

Props to you for doing something

you're passionate about everyday!

As a handmade business owner, you understand what it's like to spend your days working on your passion and pouring your soul into your work. You're doing something with purpose and inspiration to live a life you love. Your business is so much more than just creating products. It's about sharing the value of things that are made by hand, telling a story through what you do, and giving people products that feel specially made just for them.

Having to run your business DIY also means that you've gotta be mindful of what you spend your time on and how that affects your business growth. You know that customers come to you because they want something unique, and that means you've gotta put your personality and character into everything you do. It also means that the way people view your business is critical to whether they'll stick around and buy from you. Your images are what help them to do that, and you've gotta make sure you're presenting a beautiful brand all the time.

So how do you tell your story and make your products look beautiful even if you don't even know how to work your camera? Well, my dear, it's time to readjust the way you look at photography. Start approaching it as just another piece of your creative process. It's a compliment to your inspiring maker business. Instead of worrying about what kind of gear you have to get the right product photos, you should start focusing on learning the right strategies and techniques to make your vision come to life.

Yes, you hear all the time about what camera you should be buying, what lens is best, and how to set up a light box for stark white product backgrounds. But what you really need to start doing is learning how to bring together your vision for what you want your customers to see in your business. See, it's about building your unique story and giving your customers a way to actually understand where you're coming from. You're worried about how to take bright white photos, but what you should really be thinking is how to create a complete picture of your brand including showing people why your products are amazing for them.

You're totally capable of DIYing your own photos and even video to transform your shop pages into beautifully curated galleries that grab your customer's attention. Don't be afraid of photography! Start thinking about it in terms of having the right materials to create your vision and having the right plan to make it work. It's way more than just a bunch of tech gear and white light boxes. It's about speaking to your customers without actually speaking and showing them that they'll be part of something truly special if they buy from you.


PB100072_final looking down with eyelashes.jpg

I'm Kristen, 

and I'm here to help you stop stressing about the quality of photos for your handmade business

and start creating branded photos and video that make you stand out from the crowd and create an eager following of buyers for your products.

My philosophy is simple:

Understand how to PLAN AND ORGANIZE a strategy for creating branded images,

learn the TECHNIQUES to be a visual storyteller and highlight the uniqueness of your products,

and approach it with your own INSPIRATION AND CREATIVITY.

Then, forget all the extra stuff because you'll already have the keys to conveying your purpose and your value to the people you're trying to reach.


About Me

I've always been interested in the way people live and how everyone approaches life differently for as long as I can remember. In grade school, I loved learning about far away cities and even creating artwork of beautiful places. In high school, frequent trips to downtown Chicago kept my interest. After that, architecture school, my first trips throughout Europe, and then traveling as a military family broadened my horizons. Throughout the years, the thing that has stayed a constant passion has been my intense curiosity to learn about how people see the world and how they live with intention in it. Add that to being a seriously creative and visual person who loves all things art and design, and you've got the recipe for a storytelling photographer.

Creativity was never an option in my life either. I've continuously worked on some type of creative endeavor throughout my whole life as well. After I left my architecture job of managing multi-million dollar design and construction projects, I decided I wanted to work on my own terms as a creative. I set up my own invitation and party supply company and had my own handmade business. I loved having my own home studio, and it made me feel happy to be creating things with my hands on a daily basis. Still, I was struggling to make the connections between all the things I loved (planning, my fascination with people's stories, and creativity), and I wasn't really conveying my own story in my business either.

it wasn't until I stumbled upon the idea of having a food and travel blog and learning photography that things actually started to click for me. Before that point, I had loved photography but was always nervous about actually learning how to use a camera and work all of that gear. I didn't really think it was for me because I'm not really a tech person. The more I played around with just learning how to take a good photograph, how to style a lovely photo, and how to turn my vision into reality, the more I fell in love with it. Food photography became my new passion, and that eventually evolved further into my working as a portrait photographer as well. Soon I realized that I loved working with business owners and styling photo shoots for them even more than I liked taking photos of families.

Being able to work with makers and artists allows me to stay connected to one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do: to convey their unique stories of love for what they do. Not to mention how much I love styling a photo shoot! When every part of your creative vision comes together and unfolds in beautifully crafted images, you know you've done your job in sharing a story that'll really resonate with the ones who need it most.

Get to know me better...

What do I believe?

* That handmade products are meaningful and unique expressions of talent, skill, and passion.

* That creativity is a way of life and creating something from nothing deserves a great deal of respect.

* That we should all be doing what we love and putting our energy into living the lives that make us happy everyday.

* That we grow through doing and experiencing, and entrepreneurship is an amazing journey of self-discovery.


What am I'm into?

*Getting curry and a big piece of naan on a busy weeknight

* Making homemade ice cream and chocolate fondue

* Listening to jazz

* Putting together big plans for traveling around the world

*Rainy days spent snuggling at home


What inspires me?

Saturated colors

Cities and cultures

All things handmade


What can't I live without?

Leggings and yoga pants

Loafers and flats

Dark chocolate

Down comforters

Iced tea




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