modern business photography & work-life balance for mompreneurs


DIY photo & video strategies

tO MAKE YOUR Blog & online business

Stand Out

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I need a strategy for social media!

Feeling like if you could just improve your images

then you'd get to the next level in your business?


Stop thinking how great it would be if you could just learn to use your camera or pay someone to take photos for you


start learning super simple ways to DIY Amazing images & stand out online with a cohesive brand


You can't afford to waste time spinning your wheels creating visual content that doesn't get you anywhere. You've gotta make the time you spend on your business count, so you need effective strategies that you can easily DIY to get the results you need.

You're in the right place!


Start by getting access to the latest creative inspiration & visual know-how specifically for you as an online shop owner.




give Your Online business

a polished look with a unique style

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brand styling builds on your uniqueness in the market.

Put all the pieces together to create a brand that visually represents your unique perspective as a maker and captures the essence of your pieces. Building consistency in your style is not only crucial to having your ideal customer understand what your brand is about but also showing that you have a distinctive point of view that's all your own.


paint a picture that captivates

your Ideal audience.

In every image that you share, you're curating a larger composition of the way you want you audience to view your blog and business. You get to decide what that picture looks like and how to convey your message. Don't be afraid of the tech stuff! Just think of it as another tool in your creative process.



"the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings

of the human soul."

-Elder Uchtdorf


create a brand style that stands out

develop a cohesive & unique theme for your images


use Photo & Video to attract your ideal customers

learn how to actually style & capture great images



techniques for using styled images in your marketing, social media, & anywhere else you are online.


Learn how to style your own unique photos for bigger impact


Capture your audience and convey the story that is uniquely yours as a creative with Bountiful Path