Wearing a lot of hats is stressful, and keeping up is exhausting.

As busy moms, we're constantly being pulled in a million different directions. We try to plan for everything, control everything, and even do everything, and it's leaving us tired and ready to pull our hair out. It's time to focus more on being happy and healthy along with our families instead of stressing ourselves out to the point of exhaustion. We need to start building balance and purpose back into our daily moments no matter whether we're devoting our time to our work, our kids, or even to ourselves every now and then. 

Living fully and in a more balanced way doesn't mean you have to stop being the go-getter that you are. Instead, we're taking back the moments of our lives by learning to use plans and systems to our advantage and striving to add more of what we actually want into our lives rather than what we feel obligated to do.

Of course, I'm an all around kind of gal. That means I have to throw in a bit of the business support just to balance it all out. If you're like me, you can't stand all the stuffy business plans out there. Bringing creativity into our lives as well as our businesses can give us a breath of fresh air in what can be a seriously stuffy space. That's why I create modern business photography as well. I don't want you feeling like it's all about plans all the time. Sometimes it's just about incorporating something creative that we love and that expresses our story into what we do. It can be the little bit of lift that we need to see our spirits as well as our business soar.

So let's

Make plans that keep us happy instead of stressed.

Build creativity and inspiration into our lives.

Create systems to help us balance the things that are actually important to us.

And get rid of all the rest.



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